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Data. The core for all business.


We provide an at-a-glance view of the business-relevant data of the generated report respective to the Selection. View Accurate Sales Results for individual outlets as well as a summary of all the outlet's data.



With Suntoyo data analytics, the complex steps are simplified. 

We syn your data across all platforms and outlets all day. No more worries about losing your data.


Web Based

Seamlessly connected using any devices

It's a web-based platform that is mobile optimized

You can now work anywhere anytime.


All in 1

Access sales, inventory, and locations, all in one system

Keep track of insights about your business with Suntoyo analytics and advanced reporting modules. Export your data at any selected period.


Control your operation

Manage multiple locations with one platform

Suntoyo dashboard enables you to create different location profiles or sync HQ data across all locations.

Modules included


  • Periodical Summary Report

  • Product Sale Report

  • Tax Analysis Report

  • Product Analysis Report

  • Monthly Sale Report

  • Hourly Sale Report

  • Group Sale Report

  • Condiment Report

  • Journal Report

  • Promotion Report

  • Retail Payment Report

  • Inventory Stock Report

  • Stock Movement Report

  • Stock Tranfer Reports

  • Reordering  Report

  • Employee Clock in/Out Report


  • Product Module

  • Condiment Module

  • Modifier Module

  • Tax Settings

  • Promotion Module

  • Inventory Stock Module

  • Inventory Stock Adjust (Mobile Version)

  • Inventory Stock Check (Mobile Version)

  • Stock Transfer/Receiving/Transfer Mdoule

  • Synchronize Outlet Module

Web QR Ordering

  • Price/Label/Size/Type

  • Opening & Closing Schedule

  • Product Schedule

  • Interface Design 

  • Upselling/Promotion

  • Promotion Code

  • Image Posting by Bulk


  • Purchase History Report

  • Loyalty Campaign Report

  • Consumer Behaviour Analysis

User Accounts & Security

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