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Suntoyo solution

All-in-one POS System 

Food & Beverages


Food & Beverages

the solution that works for every business type

Meet iOrderla

Your seamless buddy to improve overall productivty

Bring your own devices

Scan to order


The benefits of adopting digital QR code menu ordering technology today

With QR ordering, you can handle higher order volumes with fewer employees. In addition, your service crew can be redeployed to focus on areas that will increase productivity.

Simple steps, huge improvement


Increase in productivity

Handle higher order volumes with fewer employees

Reduce hardware investment

Bring your own devices (BYOD)

All you need is QR code!

Improve orders accuracy

Orders are sent directly to your POS and kitchen from their mobile devices

No download required

Everything is web-based. Scan to start ordering!

Increase turnover

Decrease physical order manually reduces time spend

Anytime any where

Dashboard management tools are accessible using any devices that support web browser


mobile order steps.png

introduce iKDS

Control your kitchen and service moment


Why is KDS important for your operation?

Equip your kitchen with an all-in-one kitchen display system (KDS). optimize the kitchen order workflow in real-time. 

iKDS is optimized to control your kitchen workflows, services, and priorities. The system highlight color in real-time to alert preparation tasks, overtime, takeaway, and deliveries to ensure your crew is aware and has full control of your kitchen flow.


Sperate view for multiple station

Break down your orders to display at the right station allows your crew to have a clear view of the orders to prepare.

Quick view to search for order history

Missed out on an order? Worry not! iKDS provide a list of order history and intuitive search and print functionalities to ease your crew from hectic suitation. 


Increase in productivity

Handle complicated situations by controlling the kitchen preparation flow


All you need is a tablet

Preparation accuracy

Controllers get an overview of what is the preparation status for all stations.  

No download required

Everything is web-based. 

Increase turnover

Maneuver smooth backend operation greatly reducing hiccups for your operation

Install anywhere

Redeployment or change of location? Worry not! iKDS is cloud based.


Full Service control solution


Enable your service crew to speed up ordering process.

Equip your crew with an e-waiter device that enables them to speed up the ordering procedure. Instead of wasting time rushing back to a location with POS to punch in the orders, an e-waiter device allows your crew to take orders or amend previous transactions on the fly.

Increase in productivity

Handle higher-order request with fewer employees

No more typo

The menu is the system

Improve ordering speed

Since there is no need to travel back to a POS station to punch in orders


e-waiter is fully integrated with POS and KDS

Increase turnover

Decrease order time taken, reduces overall time spend

Increase coverage

Reduces staff reqirement to take orders since

e-waiter speeds up overall ordering process

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